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Arrival, Dismissal, Recess and Lunch is similar for all 3-6 year old Montessori children. The differences in ages show differences in choices of work as well as length of the cycle of activity for each individual child.

An example day of a 4 year old Montessori Child

8:30 am

Arrival at school; says goodbye to his mom during the carline drop-off and walks into school.

8:30 am

He walks to his coat hook; removes his coat and changes his shoes from ‘outdoor’ to ‘indoor.’

8:40 am

Says hello to his friends and considers his first work of the day.

8:45 am

Chooses a Puzzle Map of Europe: unrolls a rug, brings the puzzle map and begins working.

9:15 am

Finishes the Puzzle Map; cleans up the work and puts away all materials.

9:20 am

Chooses Metal Insets; prepares a tray and takes work to an open space at a table and begins working.

9:50 am

Finishes the work with the Metal Insets; creates and binds a small book of the work; cleans up and puts away all materials used.

10:00 am

Washes hands; serves himself a snack and sits with friends to eat.

10:15 am

Chooses the Movable Alphabet. Invites a friend to join him. One friend unrolls a rug the other brings the Movable Alphabet and they begin working by building words phonetically.

11:00 am

Finishes the work and together the materials are put away.

11:05 am

Walks around the room to decide on another work.

11:10 am

Chooses the Golden Bead math material. He finds two friends and the set-up of the material begins.

11:20 am

The small bell rings signally the end of the morning work cycle. As the Golden Bead material has just begun to be set-up, the small group of friends find their respective name tags and place them close to the work.  The work will be completed during the afternoon work cycle.

11:20 am

Joins the class as a group to listen to a story or sing some songs.

11:30 am

Walks to his hook to change into outdoor clothing: shoes, coat, hat and mittens.

11:45 am

Takes a partners hand and joins his friends for a walk to the park.

11:55 am

Plays with his friends at the park.

12:20 pm

Takes his partner’s hand and joins his friends for a walk back to school.

12:30 pm

He walks to his coat hook; removes his coat and changes his shoes from ‘outdoor’ back to ‘indoor.’


Helps prepare for lunch: washes his hands; helps to set the tables with placemats, plates, cloth napkins, glasses and silverware.


Brings his lunchbox and joins his friends at a table. Gives thanks together and enjoys eating his lunch with his friends.

12:55 pm

Cleans up his lunch space and restores the classroom back to a working environment.

1:00 pm

A second work cycle begins and the process of finishing previous work or choosing new work commences.

2:45 pm

The classroom work cycle ends; the room is cleaned up as a community and, together with his friends; he gets ready to leave for the day.

3:00 pm

Walking hand-in-hand with the Directress, he greets his mom in carline for the afternoon pick-up.


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